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How BSP Translations can help you

software localization


Are you a software developping company or a software freelance developper?

BSP Translations will be in charge of localizing your software into Spanish in order to reach the Spanish market.

Don't worry about formats, I will care about everything in order to deliver your software ready to use.

application localization


Human beings manage mostly everything everyday thanks to the applications. We use them on mobile phones, tablets and even computers.

If you develop applications for IOS, Android or even Windows you are in the right place and hands.

website localization


Most companies offer their services at the website, it is the place where offer and demand are carried out every day. The battlefield.

Are you a website developper, a freelancer or a company and want to reach new custumers?

Don't worry about anything, you are in hands of an experienced expert in the localization field.

localization software

In good hands

  •  BSP Translations works with the best tools in order to offer custumers the best results in software, app and website localization.
  • You are in hand of a high qualified expert with a background in Translation and Intepreting, localizing is more than translating.
  • You won’t be alone at any step of the localization process, if you have any doubt or request you only have drop a message. BSP Translations will answer you the sooner the better.

Are you ready to reach a new market?

BSP Translations is ready to help you reach the next level of your software, apps or website in order to conquer your targeted market.

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