Terms and Conditions

Welcome to BSP Translations, thanks for visiting my website. If you are here it means that you need to localize your software, app or website in order to reach the Spanish market and obtain new costumers either in Spain or South American countries.

In addition, only for the French and Spanish market I can also offer you official translation services French – Spanish and Spanish – French.

From now on, I will explain you the terms of use of my Services so that once you contact me everything is clear when you approve the budget of the project.

Contacting BSP Translations

If you want to ask any doubt or do you want to obtain any information about the services offered you can contact BSP Translations thanks to the contact formular that you will find on this website on the Contact link. In addition, you can reach BSP Translations within the Facebook page created in order to offer the services and reach new people.

Concerning this point, BSP Translations must have aknowledge of the costumer’s intention or volunty to start a commercial relationship within the contact form provided. Any project must be confirmed within the contact form provided or by email, no other way of contacting will be approved or allowed.


BSP Translations commitment with costumers

Delivering on time

BSP Translation's obligation with costumers is to deliver the final product at the date established with the costumer so that he can publish it.

In order to do so, the client and BSP Translations will set a date in which the costumer will receive the final product at the time established.


BSP Translations work with the best engines on the market in order to offer the best and accurate results to costumers. You are in good hands.

Clients must give all files in the correct format so that BSP Translations can carry out its commitment with expertise and offer the best results.

How does BSP Translations work with costumers?

Contact BSP Translations

If you are interested in localizing your software, app or website don't hesitate to contact us. This first approach will be the perfect occasion to explain what you expect from BSP Translations and have a first contact. Here you might explain what your project is about, which files you want us to localize and approximately the number of words of the project.

Sharing files

If, hopefully, everything goes right, the custumer and BSP Translations will agree how to share the project files to be translated in order to start the project. There are so many ways like Dropbox or Wetransfer to share the files of the project.


Following the to previous steps, then there is the budget. BSP Translations will evaluate the project and send the custumer a budget in order to be accepted. Once the client accepts the budget, BSP Translations will start the project a date in order to be delivered to the client. If the budget is not confirmed and accepted by the custumer the project won't be started.

Delivery and invoicing

At the date established by BSP Translations and the custumer, BSP Translations will deliver the project and will send an invoice to the client with a date to be paid the amount of money in budget. The custumer must sign and send back to BSP Translations the invoice signed as approval of receiving the project.

This is the way BSP Translations work, however, you might have doubts about it or about something else. In this case, don’t hesitate to leave a message through my contact formular or write a message to info@bsptranslations.com.

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