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Introduce myself

BSP Translations is the website of Borja Sanus Pastor. I am a professional translator with a University Degree in Translation and Interpreting and specialized in official translations (FR – ES) and Software, App and Website localization.

I realized that nowadays there are more and more companies, freelancers and SMEs that want to sell their products to the world and specifically reach the Spanish market.

In addition, the world is today more than ever managed by apps, software and websites which we all use and need in our daily lifes.

Why did I choose to specialize myself in Software, App and Website localization?

New technologies are everywhere

New technologies (software, app, software and website) are nowadays something we need to use for mostly everything. We buy, we meet people, we schedule activities, we manage the accounting of our companies.

This is why most of users around the world need software, apps and websites localized into their mothern languages in order to have a better user's experience.

Market Research

Looking at the net about possible custumers, I realized that my companies haven't localized their products into Spanish, either software, app or website.

This is why I took the decition of offering this services as good quality in translation is a must nowadays for companies.

Taking the decition

I thought that there were not many specialists in Software, App and Website localization and then I decided to invest in studying to become an specialist of the localization industry.
Then I studied a degree in Software and App localization in Trágora Formación and a website localization in Aulasic.

I am here to help you reach new Spanish speaking markets ir order to improve and grow your bussiness through software, apps and website.

Do you want to localize your product and be in hands of an experienced professional in software, app and website localization?

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