Official translations are a services only for persons who need to translate their documents to deliver them at the Spanish public service.

This may be the case of a person who want to buy a house in Spain and the lawyers ask them some official documents in order to register them to prove the information about the buyers. It could be the case, too, of a person who wants to divorce in Spain of his / her couple and then he needs to translate the official documents in order to register it at the public Spanish institutions.

Official translations can only be carried out by official translator designed by the MAEC (Foreign Affairs Ministry) who have the Official Certificate in order to translate any document requested.

How are official translations carried out?

Receipt of the documents

You must send the document or documents to BSP Translations in order to count the words of the document if it has more than 500 words.
If the project has less than 500 words (one page), for exemple a family record book (un livre de famille).


As soon as BSP Translations receive your document, will send you a budget in order to be approved by the custumer


After the receipt of the custumer's approval, with a delivery date, BSP Translations will start the project and deliver it at the specified date.

Once delivered the translation project, BSP Translations will submit a invoice in order to be paid at a specific and established date.

Do you want to translate your official document?